Honorable founder President Mr. Sharad Pawar established ‘Agricultural Development Trust’ on June 22nd 1971. Since then, this organization has been actively functioning for the socio-economic and educational empowerment of the labour class, farmers and their families in the remote areas of the country. Honorable Padmashree Dr. Appasaheb Pawar had put in a lot of efforts to continue this pious work. The organization has put forth equal importance and significance to women empowerment; establishing “Sharda Mahila Sangh”. This wing has been consistently working on women empowerment through activities like business orientation seminars & workshops, training programs and various schemes and activities related to Banking sector.
Bhimthadi Jatra had a footfall of 4 Lakh Visitors last year alone. Keeping this in mind, we are going national with participation from all over the country. From the success and experience of last 12 mega exhibitions there will be healthy and positive changes in some of the existing categories and services of exhibition e.g. number of participating Self Help Groups , Products , Food park, and promotion of exhibition and sponsors, which will definitely benefit participating Self Help Groups, Visitors and Sponsors.
Bhimthadi jatra is a rural carnival having varity of Domains like Cultural exhibition, Food market, Flea Market, Live Shows, Packaged/Home made food products, Handicrafts, Handloom, Food that includes Non-Veg as well and much more. Its the one stop junction to enjoy complete rural Carnival.

  • Financial & Social women empowerment.
  • To create awareness in business arena for women. Educate them in business skills and make them self sufficient.
  • To groom and compete at National & International entrepreneurship.
  • To strive for linkages and networking to create niche market for women.
  • To uplift the culture and tradition with an active platform.

To empower women socio-economically and enrich them on leadership skills so as to enable them to flourish in the business arena by providing a way with a platform to interact with their prospective clientele and thus ensuring a substantial contribution in the financial growth of the country.


Bhimthadi Fair is organized in Pune for its reputation as the cultural and educational capital of Maharashtra and its unique distinction for having distinguished and noted personalities and traditions. Pune has been recognized as a global city with all modern means of communication like air, rail and e-services. Pune is Known for its social, financial, cultural, educational and historical importance and aspects.


Bhimthadi is a province on the banks of river Bheema. The river ‘Bheema’ derived its name from King Bheemak. Supe and Baramati region on the banks of river ‘Karha’, have been notified as part of a Bhimthadi Taluka. Bhimthadi has a cultural tradition of Jorvey reign and has its etymological reference in the era between AD 1470 and 1375. Bhimthadi witnessed the rule of numerous emperors and their reign like Yadavas, Bahamian sovereign, Adil Shah, Nizam, Mughals, Shahaji. Since 1637, this region was a part of King Shivaji’s “Hindivi Swaraj” and later on it was reigned by Chatrapati Sahu Maharaj. Babuji Naik, Joshi had it under their rule for a long time during the Peshva era. Bhimthadi was famous for a deer species called ‘Chinkara’ and ‘Pony / Colts ’. Historical references emphasis its esteemed association with heroic deeds of the Peshvas. In those times the village market fair used to be held on the river banks which led to the evolution of the concept of “Bhimthadi Fair”.